Real Estate Test Prep

Afraid of failing the Real Estate Exam? We make it convenient to study and easy to pass. Do not let this exam stop you from starting a lucrative career in real estate. This application is based on the questions you need to know in order to pass your exam. Using this application will help you learn the key concepts for the Real Estate Sales Exam ensuring your success. In studying for the exam is important to focus on one area at a time.

Categories to help focus on areas of weakness

When you first look at the material, studying can be a daunting task. Break it down by topic and nail down one topic at a time. Because we believe in this method so much we divided our questions into categories for you. Once you are consistently scoring 90% on each topic, try taking on our "all categories" section and see how you do when all the topics are mixed together.

Time and score tracking

The exam is timed therefore we put a timer in place so you can track how long it takes you to complete a set of questions. This will help you to get a feel for how much time you should be allocating to each question. The score tracking will help you to determine how successful you are in that period of time.

Detailed explanations of the correct answer

There is no point in knowing the answers if you do not understand why that is the answer, otherwise it may as well just be memorization. That would be fine if you knew exactly which test you were getting and you were able to memorize every single question and answer. But the fact is that you do not know which questions you will be getting, therefore understanding the concept will take you much further regardless of what questions you get the day of the test.

Quiz length options

We love to complete a test and see how we did. However we do not always have the time or attention span to complete a full exam. Therefore we provided options to test yourself in sets of 10, 20, 50 and 100 questions. We recommend starting with the set of 10 questions. Keep doing the set of 10 until you consistently get 90%. Once you have accomplished that then move on to the set of 20, then the set of 50 and finally a set of 100. If you are consistently getting 90% on the set of 100 questions you should be able to sleep well the night before the exam knowing you are very well prepared to pass.

Randomly ordered questions

You have no idea which questions you are going to get when you take your exam. Therefore we structured our app the same way. Every time you use our app you will get a unique set of questions in a completely random order. Unique questions on a similar concept will help you to pass the exam no matter how a question is phrased the day of the exam.